Hidden Power of Undefeatable Faith


by Glenda Malmin

ISBN:  978-1593830-18-2    Softcover, 169 Pages     6" x 9"

As you journey with Glenda Malmin in this remarkable story of the ancient Rizpah, in The Hidden Power of Undefeatable Faith, you will discover and rediscover principles of faith that will empower you to be undefeatable even in the darkest seasons of life.  You will walk through the story of Rizpah's life and learn that though she suffered much loss, she had dogged determination and faith to not leave her rock of intercession until her sacrifice hit the mark of destiny.  Her life made a difference in her day while ministering 'rains of refreshing' and hope to us today.

Table of Contents:

  1. Perspectives of God and Man
  2. Trust in the Master's Plan
  3. Dreams Realized, Hopes Narrowed
  4. Pawn or Princess?
  5. Requirements of Faith
  6. The Sacrifice Required
  7. "Preying" at the Cross:  Faith's Assailants
  8. Faiths Reward
  9. Faiths Challenge

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