7 Strategic Changes Every Church Must Make

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by Mark Conner

ISBN:  978-159383-051-9     Softcover, 191 Pages     6" x 9"

In today’s culture of constant change, how is it possible for a church to remain relevant and effective? In this book, Mark Conner reveals seven Strategic Shifts that every church must make to be an effective force in the 21st century. These principles will help your church play a vital role in extending the Kingdom of God to impact communities, cities and nations for his glory.

Table of Contents:

1.  A Power Shift from Self to God
2.  A Priority Shift from Inreach to Outreach
3.  A Program Shift from Events to Relationship
4.  A Leadership Shift from Ministers to Equippers
5.  A Ministry Shift from Consumers to Contributors
6.  A Worldview Shift from a Church Mentality to a Kingdom Mentality
7.  A Generation Shift from Older to Younger

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