Truths That Build


By Dick Iverson

ISBN:  978-1886849-80-8     Softcover, 240 Pages     6" x 9"

Dick Iverson bases this work on twelve foundational truths that he calls the “Principles that Will Establish and Strengthen the People of God.” Each principle explains what every Christian should focus on and gives practical insight to Christian living, thus strengthening the believer and the People of God.

Table of Contents:

  1. Releasing Truth:  The Key of David
  2. Sustaining Truth:  Remaining Spiritually Alert
  3. Sanctifying Truth:  Drawing Lines
  4. Persevering Truth:  Keeping Your Focus
  5. Fundamental Truth:  The Spirit of Repentance
  6. Preserving Truth:  The Fear of God
  7. Revering Truth:  The Sabbath Principle
  8. Guiding Truth:  Spiritual Authority
  9. Inspiring Truth:  The Spirit of Prophecy
  10. Successful Truth:  True Prosperity
  11. Dynamic Truth:  Releasing Real Spiritual Power
  12. Believing Truth:  The Voice of Faith

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