10 Secrets of a Successful Achiever

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by Frank Damazio

ISBN:  978-1-886849-98-3     Softcover, 154 Pages     5" x 8"

In 10 Secrets of a Successful Achiever, Frank Damazio shows you how to go beyond your limitations.  Don't let your past, your circumstances or the opinions and criticisms of others defeat you.  Allow God to give you the courage and the determination to overcome every obstacle and become all He wants you to be.

Table of Contents:

  1. Yes I Can...Be A Winner!
  2. Yes I Can...Be Courageous!
  3. Yes I Can...Possess God's Promises!
  4. Yes I Can...Be Motivated!
  5. Yes I Can...Have a Living Faith!
  6. Yes I Can....Be a Rejoicing Christian!
  7. Yes I Can...Be a Harvester!
  8. Yes I Can...Be a Godly Father!
  9. Yes I Can...Keep on Keepin' On!
  10. Yes I Can...Live Out My Dreams!

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