Seasons of Intercession

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by Frank Damazio

ISBN:  978-1886849-11-2     Softcover, 222 Pages     6" x 9"

This is a call to all Christians for anointed intercession that changes lives, empowers churches, and shapes futures. Frank Damazio compels believers to pray for the generational needs of nations and demonstrates prayer strategies that will equip the body of Christ for effectual personal and corporate intercession.

Table of Contents:

  1. A Season for Intercession
  2. Serious Shifts in Our Nation's Culture
  3. Increasing National Tensions
  4. Shattering Experiences Destroying a Generation
  5. Gripping Bondages of Our Nation
  6. Returning to Our First Call
  7. Marked for Intercession
  8. Exposing the Myths of Intercession
  9. Searching for Willing Intercessors
  10. Gap Standing, Hedge Building and Cup Filling
  11. Interceding with Spiritual Travail
  12. Striking the Target with Supernatural Assistance
  13. Expanding Boundaries to Eliminate Spiritual Enemies
  14. Empowered by the Holy Spirit
  15. Empowered by Fasting
  16. Individual Prayer-Intercession
  17. Corporate Prayer-Intercession
  18. Making an Intercessory Prayer Covenant

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