Jesus Today


by Marc Estes

ISBN:  978-1886849-76-1     Softcover, 263 Pages     6" x 9"


Jesus Today will encourage every believer to live life as Jesus would, were He physically alive on earth today. Jesus Today is presented in two major sections. Each chapter has a modern-day fictional story based on Jesus’ parables followed by practical and applicable teaching. Marc Estes will bring readers to an understanding that they can affect their world through obedience and faith in Christ. 
Table of Contents:
  1. His Mission:  Aligning Your Life to His Call
  2. His Eyes:  Receiving New Eyesight to See the Harvest
  3. His Ears:  Receiving and Responding to His Voice
  4. His Heart:  Learning to Love and Care for the Lost
  5. His Grace:  Loving the Unlovely and Unjust
  6. His Faith:  Accomplishing the Impossible with New Levels of Faith
  7. His Gifts:  Releasing Spiritual Gifts for Greater Fruit
  8. His Authority:  Discovering A New Power to Fight
  9. His Prayer:  Unleashing Intercession For Harvest Breakthrough
  10. His Emptiness:  Adjusting Priorities to Become Useful
  11. His Fruit:  Making Disciples, Not Decisions
  12. His Vision:  Enlisting in the Great Commission

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