Hidden Power of a Surrendered Life

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by Glenda Malmin

ISBN:  978-1886849-82-2    Softcover, 274 Pages     6" x 9"

Having influence, 'making a difference', and leaving a legacy is a costly privilege.  Doing so is to step into a destiny filled with opportunities to yield, to lead, and to boldly go where others have not gone before.  It requires quietness in the midst of turmoil and courage in the face of overwhelming odds.  As you journey with Glenda Malmin through the life of Esther and those she related to in The Hidden Power of a Surrendered Life, you will find your life woven together  with the ancients and see their lives in yours.  Esther and her beloved mentor Mordecai both had hesitations, concerns, opinions and deep challenges in their roles and yet remained surrendered to the will of God.

Table of Contents:

  1. God Sets the Stage
  2. A Chosen Perspective
  3. The Planting of the Lord
  4. Trials in Transition
  5. A Watchman on the Wall
  6. Submitted Selections
  7. The Choosing of the Lord
  8. Divine Partnering
  9. Dark Plots
  10. First Reactions
  11. Penetrating Truths
  12. Surrender that Opens the Door of Sacrifice
  13. Abandonment to the Cause
  14. Moving with Purpose and Persuasion
  15. The Rescue of a Generation
  16. The Surrendered Life

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