Woman You Are Called & Anointed


by Glenda Malmin

ISBN:  978-1-886849-17-4    Softcover, 237 Pages     6" x 9"

Glenda addresses the issue of a woman's individual call to serve the Lord.  Every reader will feel the uniqueness of her own need to answer this call and understand God's specific anointing to enable them to succeed.  Additionally, this book addresses the issues facing women who are presently in or foresee a future in any leadership/ministry position.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Call - Who God Has Called You to Be
  2. Influence - An Example of the Believer
  3. Prayer - A Woman of Personal Prayer
  4. Faith - A Woman Who Triumphs over Disappointment
  5. Overcoming - A Woman Who Gets Back Up
  6. Home - A Keeper of the Home
  7. Hospitality - A Woman of Servanthood
  8. Grace - A Woman of Distinction
  9. Compassion - A Servant in Crisis Times
  10. Teamwork - A Member of the Team
  11. Friendship - A Woman of Many Friends
  12. Marriage - A Woman of Covenant Commitment
  13. Children - A Mother Who Imparts Her Anointing
  14. Wisdom - A Woman Who Fulfills Her Call

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