by Howard Rachinski

Even in life's most confusing and painful moments, we all desperately cling to our eternal hope. When Howard Rachinski hit those moments, his success didn’t immunize him from the agony. Nor did his faith exempt him from the hard questions. Instead, Howard discovered the rhythm of life-purpose. And, he identified 7 Life Seasons that encompass everyone’s life journey. The 4 “Calling” Seasons – Preparation, Productivity, Transition, and Impartation – are when God cultivates our mission (our vocation and sense of purpose). The 3 “Character” Seasons – Despair, Famine, and Refreshing – are when God works on our internal nature (including our integrity, honor, moral fiber, discipline, ethics).

PERPETUAL interweaves the tapestry of Howard’s personal experience and vulnerability with the foundational assurance of God’s raw and revelatory Truth.

Readers will be enlightened, encouraged, inspired, challenged, and strengthened as they pursue their personal pathway.

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