by Frank Damazio

ISBN:  978-1886849-83-9     Softcover, 272 Pages     6" x 9"

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God desires to bring miracles into your life.  Miracles prepared for you from the foundations of the earth are on their way to intercept you.  Miracles are around us, in us, and through us.  This book will inspire your faith, renew your hope, and capture your heart.  Frank Damazio not only lays out a clear biblical teaching of miracles but also true-life stories taken from his miracle journal.

Table of Contents:

  1. Miracles Beyond You
  2. Creating an Environment for Miracles
  3. Miracles in Twelve Categories
  4. Miracles Desired with Passion and Determination
  5. Miracle Faith Position Secured
  6. Miracle People Refuse to Settle for Less
  7. Miracles Contended For
  8. Miracles Through Our Spiritual Gifts
  9. Miracles are for Today
  10. Miracles and the Faith Factor
  11. Miracles and the Mystery of Suffering
  12. Miracles In You and Through You
  13. Miracles Hidden in God's Providence
  14. Miracles and the Omnipotence of God

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