Making of a Vision - Student Handbook

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by Frank Damazio

ISBN:  978-1886849-90-7     Softcover, 204 Pages     8.25" x 11"

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How do you get a vision?  How do you keep a vision alive?  How do you make a vision reality?  This character-building resource clarifies the purpose of cultivating a focused vision for your ministry.  Learn the vital keys to be becoming a successful visionary leader by seeing the invisible, believing the impossible, and overcoming the obstacles.

Presented in an outline format, this Student Manual stands alone with scripture references for further study.  The reader is encouraged to review the scriptures, take notes and explore the process of developing personal and ministry vision.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to Vision
  2. The Trilogy of Vision Fulfillment: Theology, Teaching, Teamwork
  3. Cultivating a Vision for Your Life
  4. Cultivating a Vision for Your mission
  5. Cultivating a Vision for God's Eternal Purpose
  6. Cultivating a Vision Within Today's Culture
  7. The Cope of Vision Definition
  8. The Four Levels of Vision
  9. The Visionary Leader
  10. The Developing of a Vision Statement
  11. The Values and Ministry Philosophy of Vision
  12. The Discerning of Vision Destroyers
  13. The Seven Nevers of Vision
  14. The Distinctives of a Prophetic People
  15. The Principles of Vision Advancement
  16. The Power of Vision Momentum
  17. The Momentum Killers
  18. The Hub and Spoke Tension of Vision
  19. Vision for a Church that Understands Revival
  20. The Vision and Spiritual Warfare
  21. Vision Leprosy
  22. Vision Warning:  Building Without Blessing
  23. Pulling Down Vision Strongholds
  24. Safe Search for Successful Church Models
  25. Vision for a Church with a Committed Membership
  26. Vision for a Discipling Church
  27. Vision for a Praying Church
  28. Vision for a Presence of God Church
  29. Vision for a Receiving and Releasing Resources Church
  30. Vision for a Liberal Giving Church
  31. Vision for a Church with Cells
  32. Vision for a Church with Cells Vision for a Networking/Relationship building Church
  33. Vision for an Offense Free Church
  34. Vision for a Lay Ministry Driven Church
  35. Vision for an Equipping Church
  36. Vision for a Leadership Developing Church
  37. Vision Restoring and Building Spiritually Whole People
  38. Vision for a Family Building Church
  39. Vision for a Business People Building Church
  40. Vision for a Word-Driven Church
  41. Vision for a Principle-Driven Church
  42. Vision for a Gifts Functioning Church
  43. Vision for a People Reaching Church
  44. Vision for a City Reaching Church
  45. Vision for a World Reaching Church
  46. Vision for a Church Planting Church
  47. Vision for a Church That Grows
  48. Vision for a Church Whose Fruit Remains
  49. Vision and the Mystery of the Seed
  50. Vision Renewed Through Prayer and Fasting
  51. Vision Implementation

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