Dick Iverson Legacy Package Pre-Order for Jan 31, 2022


by Dick Iverson

Release Date:  January 31, 2022 

Grateful for the truths revealed in scripture during his days of study and ministry, Dick Iverson believed in the importance of putting them in writing and preserving them for generations to come. 

This legacy package, containing several of Dick Iverson's classic books, audio messages, and a previously unreleased study on the Purpose of Storms, will be a welcome addition to any library.

Package includes:

Seven Classic Softcover Books

      • Building Churches That Last
      • Guarding the Local Church
      • Holy Spirit Today
      • Maintaining Balance When the Winds of Doctrine Blow
      • Present Day Truths
      • Team Ministry
      • Truths that Build

Eight of his best messages from the last decade in a digital audio format.

One previously unreleased study on the Purpose of Storms 


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