14 Tests All Leaders Must Face


by Frank Damazio

ISBN:  978-1-59383-057-1     Softcover, 105 Pages     4.75" x 6.5"

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Discover 14 tests God administers to release the full potential of those he anoints.  These include the tests of motivation, time, servitude and character.  It is encouraging to know that God uses these tests to increase your capacity and strength through a deeper relationship with Him.

Table of Contents:

  1. Responding to the Testing
  2. The Time Test
  3. The Word Test
  4. The Character Test
  5. The Motivation Test
  6. The Servant Test
  7. The Wilderness Test
  8. The Misunderstanding Test
  9. The Patience Test
  10. The Frustration Test
  11. The Discouragement Test
  12. The Welfare Test
  13. The Self-will Test
  14. The Vision Test
  15. The Usage Test

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