Making of a Leader

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by Frank Damazio

English - $23.99   ISBN: 978-0914936-84-8     Softcover, 332 Pages     7" x 10"    
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In this book, Frank Damazio lays out for the serious student a broad and deep discussion of what it means to be responsible for a group of “followers.” This perennial best-seller presents a scriptural analysis of the philosophy, history, qualifications, preparation, and practice of Christian leadership. Charts, diagrams and illustrations enhance this well-tested and taught study on Christian leadership.

  1. The Nature of Leadership
  2. Church Leadership: Background and Conflicts
  3. The Call of Leadership
  4. Man's Response to the Call of God
  5. The Heart Qualifications of Leadership
  6. The Leader and the Heart of a Shepherd
  7. Character Qualifications of Leadership
  8. A Leader's Preparation
  9. The Lifetime Preparation of Joshua and Samuel
  10. Preparation Principles: Elisha, David and Timothy
  11. The Tests of Ministry Preparation
  12. The Test of Promotion
  13. The Law of Reproduction in Leadership 
  14. Warfare Ministries of the Leader
  15. Restoration Ministries of the Leader
  16. Growth Ministries of the Leader
  17. The Function of Leadership
  18. Team Ministry
  19. The Anointing of the Holy Spirit
  20. Christ, the Anointed Leader
  21. New Testament Warnings
  22. Discipline and Restoration of Church Leaders and Members

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