Interpreting the Symbols and Types


by Kevin J. Conner

ISBN:  978-0914936-51-0     Softcover, 183 Pages     5.5" x 8.5"

Interpreting the Symbols and Types is a comprehensive study unlocking the biblical language of the symbol and type, allowing for a greater understanding of scriptural truth. This language of divine origin reveals characteristics and shades of meaning that would be lost to the believer if he did not acquaint himself with this terminology.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Language of the Symbol
  2. Symbolic Objects
  3. Symbolic Creatures
  4. Symbolic Actions
  5. Symbolic Numbers
  6. Symbolic Names
  7. Symbolic Colors
  8. Symbolic Directions
  9. Symbolic Places
  10. Symbols in the Tabernacle of Moses
  11. Symbols in the Book of Revelation
  12. The Language of the Type
  13. The Christo-Centric Principle
  14. Typical Persons
  15. Typical Offices
  16. Typical Institutions
  17. Typical Events
  18. Alphabetical Listing of Symbols and Types

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