Gate Church


by Frank Damazio

ISBN:  978-1886849-77-8     Softcover, 203 Pages     6" x 9" 

The Gate Church provides a new model for church life and explains how the Church, God's agent to reach the lost, connects heaven and earth.  Using Jacob's ladder as an illustration, the reader will understand that he can experience the same atmosphere of heaven that Jacob realized in his dream.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Gate-Church Vision
  2. The Spiritual Atmosphere of the Gate Church
  3. The Gate-Church Prayer Intercession Ladder
  4. The Gate Church Implements Present Prophetic Truths
  5. The Gate Church Grows in Quantity and Quality
  6. The Gate Church Blesses and Builds Families
  7. The Gate-Church Door of Divine Opportunity
  8. The Gate Church has Awesome Worship
  9. The Gate Church Builds with Stones and Pillars
  10. The Gate Church is a Word-Driven Church 
  11. The Gate Church is a Giving Church
  12. The Gate Church Opens the Gate of Healing and Miracles
  13. Gatekeepers:  Leaders of Gate Churches

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