Discovering Church Life: 24 Keys to Building Community


by Frank Damazio

Teacher's Manual - $19.99   ISBN:  978-159383-041-0   Softcover, 100 Pages     7.5" x 9.25"
Student Manual - $15.99      ISBN:  978-159383-040-3   Softcover, 100 Pages     7.5" x 9.25"

Discovering Church Life is a 24-lesson series designed to teach believers the foundational truths concerning life in the local church, the corporate church, and the Kingdom of God.  This series, based on biblical principles, covers the major events in the believers life, from initial repentance, grace and baptism to progressive spiritual growth and finding God's will through scriptural truths.

Table of Contents:

  1. Solid Foundation
  2. Proper Christian Faith
  3. Doctrine of Baptism
  4. Born Into the Kingdom
  5. Added to the Church
  6. Corporate Gatherings
  7. Home Gatherings
  8. Doctrine of Covering
  9. Church Government
  10. Relationship of Sheep to Shepherd
  11. Relationship of Shepherd to Sheep
  12. Restoration #1
  13. Restoration #2
  14. Gifts and Ministries of the Church
  15. Five-Fold Ministries
  16. Stewardship
  17. Prayer and Fasting
  18. Praise and Worship
  19. Music and Song of the Lord
  20. Communion
  21. Church Discipline
  22. Finding the Will of God
  23. Laying on of Hands/Prophecy
  24. Local Church Placement

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