Cultivating Prayer & Intercession in the Local Church


by Dr. Mark Jones

ISBN:  978-1-886849-93-8     Softcover, 42 Pages     6" x 9"

Founded upon biblical principles and the author’s many years of experience in prayer ministry, the power-packed points in this book will instruct and inspire all Christians in their divine call for intercession, both personally and in the local church gathering.
Table of Contents:
  • Principle #1:  Restoration of the Altar of Incense
  • Principle #2:  Intercession: Not an Office or a Gift, but the function of Every Believer
  • Principle #3:  Prayer is the Most Resisted Activity on the Planet
  • Principle #4:  More Prayer is Better than Less Prayer: Removing Condemnation
  • Principle #5:  The Prayer Journey: Growing in Prayer
  • Principle #6:  Prayer First: Developing a Lifestyle of Prayer
  • Principle #7:  Creating and Sustaining Momentum: Releasing Power and Anointing
  • Principle #8:  Prayer Before, During and After: Providing a Prayer Covering.
  • Principle #9:  The Need for Prayer Activates the Need to Pray
  • Steps for Releasing Prayer in the Local Church
  • Prayer Leadership Qualifications

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