Temple of Solomon


by Kevin J. Conner

ISBN:  978-0914936-96-7   Softcover, 251 Pages     7" x 10"

The Temple of Solomon completes the trilogy dealing with the dwelling places of God in the Old Testament. Kevin Conner’s study yields rich and precious truths concerning Christ and His church. These truths are tied into the New Testament as the church is presented as the “Temple of God.”

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study the Temple
  2. Principles of Interpretation
  3. Temples in Scripture
  4. Title Explanation and Study Approach
  5. Divinely Inspired Habitations and Mountains
  6. King David and King Solomon and God's Habitations
  7. King David and the Revelation and Pattern of the Temple
  8. King David's Charge Concerning the Temple
  9. King Solomon in all his Glory
  10. General Description of the Temple
  11. General Comparison and Contrast of Tabernacle and Temple
  12. The Builders and Workers in the Temple
  13. The Offerings and Materials for the Temple
  14. The Divine Purpose for the Temple
  15. The Foundation Site of the Temple
  16. Building the Temple of the Lord
  17. The Doors of the Sanctuary and the Oracle
  18. The Veil of the Temple
  19. The Brazen Altar
  20. The Molten Sea
  21. The Brazen Lavers and Bases
  22. The Temple Porch
  23. The Two Brazen Pillars
  24. The Golden Candlesticks
  25. The Tables of Shewbread
  26. The Altar of Incense
  27. The Windows of the House
  28. The Holy Oracle
  29. The Ark of the Covenant
  30. The Two Great Olive Cherubim
  31. The Upper Chambers and Treasuries
  32. The Chambers of the Priests
  33. The Dedication of the Temple
  34. The Twentyfour Courses and Temple Orders
  35. The Visit of the Queeen of Sheba
  36. One Greater than The Temple

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