Name of God


by Kevin J. Conner

ISBN:  978-1593830-30-4    Softcover, 192 Pages     7" x 10"

Throughout history, God has revealed Himself through many and various Names and Titles. Each of these have some distinctive feature about them. However, there is a Name which is above every Name, and this Name includes or comprehends in itself all the Names and Titles of God. It is the all-comprehensive Redemptive Name of God as revealed in the Triune Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This volume endeavors to set forth the glory of the Triune Name of the Triune God. Its biblical insights are provocative, especially in the area of the application of “The Name” in Water Baptism.

Table of Contents:

Section 1
  • The Eternal Godhead or Triunity of God
  • A Statement of Faith
  • Doctrinal Statements
  • Illustration of the Triangle
  • Types of the Triune God
  • The Name of God in the Old Testament
  • Is "God" a Name?
  • Has God Revealed HIs Name?
  • The Question of Saints, "What Is His Name"
  • The Name of God in Typical Creations
  • The Revelation of "The Name" given to Moses
  • Ministry in "The Name" in the Old Testament
Section 2
  • The New Testament Name of God, the Triune Name
  • Significance of "The Name" in History
  • The Name in the Four Gospels
  • The Name in the Book of Acts
  • The Name in the Epistles
  • Do All in the Name of the Lord Jesus

Section 3

  • What About "The Name" in Water Baptism?
  • The NT Name of God Associated with Thre Divine Persons
  • Father, Son and Holy Spirit - Titles or Names
  • The Name of the Father
  • And of the Son
  • And of the Holy Spirit
  • The Dual Application of the Triune Name
  • The Revelation of the Triune Name at Pentecost
  • The Great Commission Considered in the Book of Acts
  • Water Baptism "In the Name"
  • "In or Into The Name"
  • Invoking "The Name"
  • Table of Scriptures on Water Baptism in "The Name"
  • The Godhead Revealed in Baptism
  • A Formula of Scripture
  • Quotable Quotations

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