Interpreting the Scriptures


by Kevin J. Conner and Ken Malmin

ISBN:  978-0914936-20-6     Softcover, 165 Pages     8.25" x 11"

Interpreting the Scriptures introduces the reader to the science of hermeneutics by listing qualifications of an interpreter, the methods of interpreting, and a brief history of interpreting. The authors explore seventeen basic principles for interpreting any passage of Scripture. Any student of the Word will find this book to be a very helpful guide in his studies as well as a veritable gold mine of truth.  

  1. An Introduction to Hermeneutics
  2. The Qualifications of an Interpreter
  3. The Methods of Interpretation
  4. A Brief History of Hermeneutics
  5. The Foundations for Interpretation
  6. The Context Principle
  7. The First Mention Principle
  8. The Comparative Mention Principle
  9. The Progressive Mention Principle
  10. The Compete Mention Principle
  11. The Election Principle
  12. The Covenantal Principle
  13. The Ethnic Division Principle
  14. The Chronometrical Principle
  15. The Dispensations Redefined
  16. The Breach Principle
  17. The Christo-Centric Principle
  18. The Moral Principle
  19. The Symbolic Principle
  20. The Numerical Principle
  21. They Typical Principle
  22. The Parabolic Principle
  23. The Allegorical Principle
  24. The Interpretation of Prophecy

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