Interpreting the Book of Revelation


by Kevin J. Conner

ISBN:  978-0914936-10-7     Softcover, 203 Pages     7" x 10"

In this companion volume to Interpreting the Scriptures, Kevin Conner describes the fundamental principles for unlocking the mysteries of the Book of Revelation.  Not an exposition in itself, the text avoids eschatological controversy by focusing on teaching the reader how to apply proper hermeneutical principles.

Because hermeneutics is both a science of knowig the rules and an art of application, the reader is given relevant principles of interpretation, then challenged to accurately apply them.  Self-study assignments are provided to assist in this learning process.

Full of insights that developed from a lifetime spent studying, teaching and modeling God's Word, Interpreting the Book of Revelation promises to become an indispensable resource in any library.  It is the author's assurance that despite one's eschatological persuasion or opinion regarding the contents of this book, the reader will gain valuable insight into the interpretation and understanding of this miraculously inspired Book of Revelation.

Table of Contents:

  1. Hermeneutical Problems of The Revelation
  2. Schools of Interpretation of The Revelation
  3. Historical Background of The Revelation
  4. Methods of Interpreting The Revelation
  5. Principles of Research in The Revelation
  6. The Revelation - The Book of Ultimates
  7. The Structure of The Revelation
  8. The Revelation - History or Prophecy?
  9. The Theology of the Revelation
  10. Hermeneutical Principles of The Revelation
  11. The Context Principle
  12. The First Mention Principle
  13. The Comparative Mention Principle
  14. The Progressive Mention Principle
  15. The Complete Mention Principle
  16. The Election Principle
  17. The Covenantal Principle
  18. The Ethnic Division Principle
  19. The Chronometrical Principle
  20. The Breach Principle
  21. The Christo-Centric Principle
  22. The Moral Principle
  23. The Symbolic Principle
  24. The Numerical Principle
  25. The Typical Principle
  26. Keys of Significance in The Revelation
  27. A Study Outline of The Revelation
  28. Supplemental - Self-Study Guide Assignments

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