Church in the New Testament


by Kevin J. Conner

ISBN:  978-1-886849-15-0     Softcover, 328 Pages     7" x 10"

Kevin J. Conner's comprehensive study of the Church and God's eternal plan for it is laid out in the Church in the New Testament.  This encyclopedic reference work is designed to give a comprehensive biblical understanding of the universal and local New Testament Church.

Table of Contents:

  1. Promise and Propheycy
  2. According to the Pattern
  3. What the Church is Not
  4. What the Church Is
  5. What the Church is to Be
  6. The Church and the Kingdom
  7. The Church in the Old Testament
  8. Symbols, Types and Names of the Church
  9. The Church, God's Building
  10. The Foundation Rock/Stone
  11. The Church in the Book of Acts
  12. Ministries of Peter and Paul
  13. Membership in the Church
  14. The Church in the Epistles
  15. Church Government
  16. The Office and Ministry of the Elder
  17. The Office and Ministry of the Deacon
  18. The Ascension-Gift Ministries
  19. The Ministry of the Apostle
  20. The Ministry of the Prophet
  21. The Ministry of the Apostle and Prophet
  22. The Ministry of the Evangelist
  23. The Ministry of the Pastor
  24. The Ministry of the Teacher
  25. Challenge to Change the Traditional System
  26. Congregational Ministries and Functions
  27. Dwelling Together in Unity
  28. The Ministry of Women
  29. Discerning the Body of Christ
  30. Church Discipline
  31. Church Stewardship and Finance
  32. Ordinances of the Church
  33. The Purpose of the Church's Existence

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