Apostles: The Fathering Servant

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by Bill Scheidler

ISBN:  978-1-886849-81-5     Softcover, 237 Pages     6" x 9"   

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Bill Scheidler has illuminated the qualifications and function of an apostle today by approaching the subject from a purely biblical point of view.  Apostles compares this biblical view with current apostolic trends found in the church today.  If you are a leader or pastor, Apostles will serve as your roadmap to understanding the function of an apostle today.

Table of Contents:

Introduction:  Apostolic Confusion

  1. Ministry Motivation
  2. The Word "Apostle"
  3. Jesus - The Apostle
  4. The Twelve Apostles
  5. The Apostle Paul and the Twelve
  6. Paul's Pattern
  7. Apostolic Work
  8. Apostolic Preparation
  9. Apostolic Mentoring
  10. Apostolic Authority
  11. An Apostolic Church
  12. Questions and Answers
  13. Apostolic Interview
  14. Interview Continued
  15. The Apostle's Role Today


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