Pursue God


by Poncho Lowder

ISBN:  978-0-8307-6180-7    Softcover, 156 Pages     5.5" x 8.5"

Single Book:  $11.99   /   10-Pack:  $119.99   /   40-Pack:  $479.60

With the fast pace of our culture today, people struggle more than ever developing a daily relationship with God.  Pursue God helps readers develop an authentic daily relationship where they are inspired to pursue God. First, by discussing “Why” to pursue God, and secondly “How” to effectively pursue Him.

Table of Contents:

      1. Responding to Grace
      2. Directionally Challenged
      3. It's Time to Run
      4. The Passionate Pursuit
      5. Epic Expectations
      6. First Things First
      7. Step 1:  Read the Passage
      8. Step 2:  Underline
      9. Step 3:  Write a Response
      10. Step 4:  Stand in Prayer
      11. Step 5:  Unshakable Declarations
      12. Step 6:  Eternal Goals
      13. Supernatural Dreams

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