Empowering Your Preaching


by Frank Damazio

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Revitalize your preaching ministry with Empowering Your Preaching.  This one-day course is an intense spiritual, mental, and practical encounter.  Find your spirit empowered as you listen to these CDs and receive a fresh new hunger to preach the Word with power and clarity.  Many valuable resources are included as Frank Damazio imparts his extensive knowledge and experience on preaching.

Student Manual Table of Contents:

Section 1:  Seminar Notes

  1. Preaching and Preachers
  2. Identifying Levels of Word Ministry
  3. Twenty-one Signs of shallow Preaching
  4. The Preacher and the Word of God
  5. The Preacher as the Feeder of the Flock
  6. The 32 Proven Laws for the Preacher
  7. The Preacher's God-Though to God-Message
  8. Endnotes

Section 2:  Resource Material

  1. Gaining a Biblical Perspective on Preaching
  2. History of Preaching
  3. Teaching the Church How to Listen
  4. Simple Steps in Evaluating Your Preaching
  5. Voice Dynamics
  6. The Pentecostal Approach to Scripture
  7. So What's Cooking
  8. A Preacher's Basic Research Library
  9. Limited Bibliography on Preaching

Section 3:  Sermons

  1. Believer and Spiritual Warfare
  2. Building Gate Churches for the 21st Century
  3. Call to Be Equipped
  4. Call to Cell Commitment
  5. Kingdom Priorities:  Jesus' Laws of Living
  6. Kingdom Priorities:  Renewing Kingdom Lifestyle
  7. Preparation and Hindrances to Prayer
  8. Responding to the Call to Become a Church of Intercession
  9. Rewards of  Renewed Soul
  10. The Unsearchable Riches of Christ's Mercy
  11. We Can Touch the World
  12. Weaving through Building Relationships

CD Messages:

    1. Twenty-One Signs of Shallow Preaching
    2. The Preacher and the Word of God
    3. The Preacher and the Work of Feeding
    4. Thirty-Two Proven Laws for the Preacher Part 1
    5. Thirty-Two Proven Laws for the Preacher Part 2

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