Building Repairing and Extending Relationships - Audio CD Set

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by Frank Damazio

UPC:  643101-120729     6 Audio CDs plus 1 Data CD     

Using the image of a net, Jesus teaches spiritual principles that the disciples would use in extending the Kingdom of God.  Jesus teaches with wisdom from the natural world of fish, nets, boats, and water.  Every person can understand his language and it is very difficult to miss his point. 

To accomplish kingdom exploits, you need to have a net - a well-made net that will not break under pressure.

To launch into the deep, you need a boat and an understanding of how to let go of your net.

If your net is to last, you must stop and wash the net from all pollution and impurities collected by the net while it is in use.  If the net breaks, you must stop and mend the net before it is totally destroyed and becomes unraveled.  You must learn how to preserve your net.



  • Audio CD:  Building Relationships
  • Audio CD:  Three Aspects of Biblical Relationship
  • Audio CD:  The Covenant Strands of Relationships
  • Audio CD:  Covenant Relationship to Your Church
  • Audio CD:  Covenant Relationship to Those God has Placed in Your Life
  • Audio CD:  Four Key Ingredients of Covenant Relationship
  • Data CD:  Sermon Notes (MS Word & PDF) and Sermon Slides (MS PowerPoint & PDF)

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