Empowering the Giving of Your Church

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by Frank Damazio

Student Manual - $24.99     ISBN:  978-1-59383-012-0   Softcover, 121 Pages     8.5" x 11"
Audio CD Set - $30.00      UPC:  643101-118221        5 Audio CDs (Discontinuing)

Renew the giving power of your congregation with Empowering the Giving of Your Church.  This one-day course is an intense spiritual, mental and practical encounter.  Find your spirit empowered and receive a brand new faith for the giving spirit of your church.  Many valuable insights are included as Frank Damazio imparts his extensive knowledge and experience on giving in the local church.

Table of Contents:

Seminar Notes & CD Messages

  1. Empowering  the Leader to Build a Giving Church
  2. Empowering the Nine Keys for Giving
  3. Empowering the Giving of Tithes and Offerings
  4. Empowering and Releasing the Business Person
  5. Empowering People for Supernatural Provision

Sermon Notes

  1. Giving, Receiving and Prospering
  2. Call to Faith Harvest Giving
  3. Biblical Money Management
  4. We Can Touch the World
  5. Call to Great Faith
  6. Great Vision Takes the Challenge

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