Empowering Presence of God

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by Frank Damazio

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The personal presence of God is not merely some "force" or "influence" that we seek, but a personal, real, life-changing presence of a living God who abides in us and dwells among us.

Moses, the servant of God, had experienced the presence of God at the burning bush and it had changed his life.  As he prepared to embark upon the journey to lead God's people into the vision God had given them, he gives God one stipulation - God's presence must go with him.  Moses understood that God's presence was a sign of God's pleasure for His people and it would distinguish them from all others.  

We must have this passion for His presence and believe it is important for all of us to experience the presence of God in our personal lives as well as in our corporate gathering.  We are to carry His presence into our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces.



  • Audio CD:  The Importance of Encountering God's Presence
  • Audio CD:  Making a Place for His Presence
  • Audio CD:  Drifting From His Presence
  • Audio CD:  Enjoying His Presence in the Morning Place
  • Audio CD:  Embrasing His Presence in teh Holy Place
  • Audio CD:  Experiencing His Presence in the Hiding Place
  • Data CD:  Sermon Notes (MS Word & PDF) and Sermon Slides (MS PowerPoint & PDF)

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