Empowering Successful Leaders


by Frank Damazio

UPC: 643101-121122     6 Audio CDs plus 1 Data CD     

We are living in one of the most awesome days.  There are thousands of people who enter into the kingdom of God on a weekly basis.  There are key cities around the world that need apostolic churches.  We need to establish apostolic churches with apostolic leaders who give their lives to extending the kingdom of God.  There is a call of the Holy Spirit for leaders who will rise to the call of God and become dynamic pastors who will build the greatest churches this nation has ever seen in the last 200 years.

Where do the youth stand in today's society of confusion and hopelessness?  The church will stand where its young leaders will lead her to stand.  We need a new breed of young leaders today who will "Rise to the Challenge" the "Champion" the cause of Christ in a very dark time.


  • Audio CD:  Activating Your Call to Leadership- Believe Leadership
  • Audio CD:  Empowering Leaders to a Righteous Resolve
  • Audio CD:  A Church Whose Fruit Remains
  • Audio CD:  Building Gate-Churches for the 21st Century
  • Audio CD:  Breaking the Unsaved People Barrier
  • Audio CD:  Principles from the Philadelphia Church
  • Data CD:  Sermon Notes (MS Word & PDF) and Sermon Slides (MS PowerPoint & PDF)

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