The Purple Book


by Rice Broocks and Steve Murrell

ISBN:  978-0910-93600-8   Softcover

Have you done The Purple Book?

From students and scholars to parents, kids, rock stars, and professional athletes, people all over the world are doing The Purple Book. Why? Because they’re looking for a foundation that no storm in life will prevail against---and a heart that’s shaped and guided by the knowledge of God’s Word.

The Purple Book is a twelve-part Bible study keyed to the TNIV and designed to help new believers and longtime followers of Jesus stand firm and grow strong in the Christian life. Take the challenge to build the foundation of your life on the Word of God. Do The Purple Book.

Table of Contents

  • Sin & Salvation
  • Lordship & Obedience
  • Repentance & Baptism
  • The Holy Spirit & Spiritual Gifts
  • Spiritual Hunger & God's Word
  • Discipleship & Leadership
  • Spiritual Family & Church Life
  • Prayer & Worship
  • Faith & Hope
  • Biblical Prosperity & Generosity
  • Evangelism & World Missions
  • Resurrection & Judgement

Published by Zondervan. Available through City Christian Publishing for a limited time.




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