Principles of Church Life


by Bill Scheidler

ISBN:  978-0914936-23-7   Softcover, 110 Pages     8.5" x 11"

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Principles of Church Life walks the believer through 25 powerful lessons about the importance of Church life and lays out God’s dynamic plan for the Church and His desire for the committed active involvement of every member. This book is a must for any church leader who wants to encourage the local church to a higher level of commitment and healthy Christian living.

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study Doctrine?
  2. Repentance from Dead Works
  3. Faith Toward God
  4. Water Baptism
  5. The Holy Spirit Baptism
  6. Christian Discipleship
  7. Fellowship
  8. Communion
  9. Prayer and Fasting
  10. Christian Stewardship
  11. Stewardship of Finances
  12. Divine Healing
  13. Gifts of the Spirit
  14. Worship and Praise
  15. Evangelism
  16. The Believer and Government
  17. The Home
  18. The Church
  19. Restoration of the Church
  20. Church Government
  21. Laying on of Hands
  22. Church Discipline
  23. Local Church Commitment
  24. Church Membership
  25. The Body of Christ

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