Believer & Spiritual Warfare

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by Frank Damazio

Part 2 - $49.99   UPC:  943101-119624     6 Audio CDs plus 1 Data CD    (Discontinuing - Available While Supplies Last)

This series is taken primarily from the book of Ephesians, specifically, verses 6:10-20. We will be going through this passage verse by verse and at times, word by word. Our focus is to bring an understanding to the believer of the spiritual weapons they must fight with and the spiritual armor they must put on in order to gain victory in this warfare.

Part 2:

  • Audio CD:  The Shoes of Peace
  • Audio CD:  The Shield of Faith
  • Audio CD:  The Shield of Faith - Repairing a Faulty Shield
  • Audio CD:  The Helmet of Salvation
  • Audio CD:  The Sword of the Spirit
  • Audio CD:  The Believer's Weapon of Prayer
  • Data CD:  Sermon Notes (MS Word & PDF) and PowerPoint Slides (MS PowerPoint & PDF)

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