Breakthrough Factor

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by Frank Damazio

UPC:  643101-120620     6 Audio CDs plus 1 Data CD     (Discontinuing)

In this series, we will be addressing three areas:

  1. How God wants to break through in our lives.
  2. How prayer and fasting brings about breakthrough.
  3. How to break through in the prophetic and hear the voice of the Holy Spirit to receive a fresh word from God into our spirit.

This is a time to look ahead with faith and expectation of what God desires to do.  Today is the day to begin a new season in life.  It is a time to close the doors to the past and to look ahead with hope to a new future.

With great faith, open this new door and, by faith, break through to new life opportunities and new anointing.  This is  your year for breakthrough!


  • Audio CD:  The Breaker Anointing
  • Audio CD:  Breaking Through with Faith
  • Audio CD:  Twelve Breakthrough Targets Part 1
  • Audio CD:  Twelve Breakthrough Targets Part 2
  • Audio CD:  Breakthrough With Prayer & Fasting Part 1
  • Audio CD:  Breakthrough With Prayer & Fasting Part 2
  • Data CD:  Sermon Notes (MS Word & PDF) and Sermon Slides (MS PowerPoint & PDF)

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